Crucify me

By Frank Peter Hermsen

Your common sense broke my wings

Depraved hands play untuned strings

Wounded souls in an unfair game

Mental black holes forever stay the same

Im surrounded and trapped in tragedies

Subzero lights and everlasting purity

Eternal chains to black to see

I surrender

Crucify me

Flaming lies misunderstood

Hell on earth in your neighbourhood

Million voices in an ancient cloud

All day parades with no taste of doubt

I lost the wire cut the rope

Existing in illegal smoke

Internal chains to black to see

Well Im dieing

Crucify me

After decades Im swimming still

Against the rules against your will

Living in roses dieing in fall

Screaming and crieing a loudless call

No more romance on the darker side

No heroic senses in my fight

Ive shackled the chains I couldnt see

So come and try

To crucify me

FPH 1996

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