The Dead End For The Pain

By Frank Peter Hermsen


My prayerīs for the father

My blood is for the son

My soul is for the spirit

But Iīm dieing in the sun

Iīm knocking on heavenīs door

Screaming to get out

Out of the hystery of guilt

Where Iīm not allowed to doubt


This is the dead end for the pain

The hell for all our fears

Letīs pull the nails out of the cross

And walk across the tears

An asylum for insane

Where noone is to blame

Pride instead of shame

The dead end of the pain


I donīt feel guilty anymore

Donīt wanna be blamed

For the wisdom of my questions

Donīt wanna be ashamed

This is to the one that gave me

The possibility to dream

To the mystic one that made me

Living in a scream


Thirty years in war

Against my own bloody hand

Wake up little Jesus

Make us leave this land

Weīre gonna hide from death

Kill those voices in our brains

Weīre bleeding all our sorrow

Into the bloodred rain


Đ FPH 1997

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