Don´t You Cry For Me

By Frank Peter Hermsen


You´re not able to save

But you know how to recover

You´re too proud to read

You judge by book´s covers


You spit when you shout

And there´s ice in your smile

You´re dead you´re whole live

And alive just for a while


You can call me genius, dummy or freak

Tread me as the good one, the ugly, the creep

Love me or just hate me

Penetrate me

But don´t you ever in eternety

Don´t you cry for me


You´re only in your hatred free

You never danced on misery


You can´t forgive, you just forget

And you never understood the dreams I had


So call me Wonko, stupid or bad

Penitent, desperate, happy or sad

Kill me or just fuck me

Isolate me

But don´t you ever in eternety

 Don´t you cry for me


© FPH 97

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