The Dusk

By Frank Peter Hermsen

I want to vanish in forgiveness

Hide in weirdos paradise

Where Im someone Id take care of

Hatching out of my disguise

Let the mist be the link

Between my echo and the way youve found

Then Ill be around

Released with kindness

From all that shit Ive done

Breaking through their walls

Gliding till the kingdome come

Once you will be waiting

And maybe call my name

Ill be there again

Ive no demands just a desire to sleep

Underneath the surface underneath the heat

Pressure and pain wont break the wings

Of a lonely chord lost between the strings

But earth still is blue

And so everything I do

Is try to stay cool

With every breath I take

Im shure Ive gotta drown

And whenever there is silence

Ill be trapped in sounds

Stucked in a hole

I see those millions passing by

I dont wanna die

I want a home

A place beyond my fears

I wish we could forget

The ghosts born in the darker years

Look what theyve done to me

Why cant I be free

Everything I want and everything I do

I do for you

FPH 97

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