Frozen Eyes
by Stefan Bugal & Robert P. Dougoll

Take a look at this boiling world
Through my stony, ancient eyes
These thousands of years have been
Even for me a damned long time
Through a spiderīs web I have seen
Empires rise and kingdomes fall
Neverending bloodstained wars
For justice and for libertyīs call

I had to see the desperation of million fights
And each man died in a sea of pain
And in my crumbly ears I can still hear
The crying of their children and
The sad sound of dead menīs bells

Well you my friend you will never know
What really happened here
Iīm standing still
Forever still
Forever harden with frozen eyes

Now youīre standing here before me
Looking into my wide opened eyes
Donīt you feel this ruinīs past
Canīt you hear the echo of glorious times
If I could speak you would shurly be afraid
Bout all the booming cruelty of this place
But I think you probably would not
Want to feel the true embrace

So come on and push the button
Make your own memento-pic

Đ 2000 Stefan Bugal/Robert P. Dougoll

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