Im Going Home

By Frank Peter Hermsen

Im naked, desperate, cold

Sick of the lies that Ive been told

Alone with my soul

Walking through a deep black hole

I walk through a sea of autumn leaves

In the orange light of a misty breeze

Too cold to sweat too warm to freeze

In the company of those deceased


Going home

I walked across the country

Ive travelled all around

My eyes always kept to my feet on the ground

Searched for philosophy

Lost my liberty

Far away but still alone

Ive ran away just to come home

Rain pours through my dirty skin

Washes my faith from my eternal sin

So lonely on my way home

Ive crossed the land to be alone

Ive seen things that made me cry

Ive heard too many desperate lies

Ive passed the point of no return

In darkness with no torch to burn

With no torch to burn

I walked across...

Finally I reach the good old walls

While in my heart a child-voice calls

I cry, I thank god and knock

Just to realize sadly and shocked

That the door

Is locked

I walked across....

FPH 91

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