Hey H.B.

By Frank Peter Hermsen

Ive tried so hard to stand the blame

Ive played the role of penitence and shame

Ive nailed my hands to every cross

Payed the price my life seemed to cost

Ive fought against my own small peace

Of a bitter destiny

Fatefull Memories

Learned to torture me

Hey H.B.

How much is there for me

Just a hole in my head

And blood on my bed


I will be unchained and free

Get me off of my knees

Hey H.B.

I forgot my hunger

Food was just pain

I ran away so far away

But came always back again

I gave what I had got

With a smile on my face

Viscious circles

In devils embrace

And after all these leeches

Sucking off my blood

Finally Im swimming

High above the flood

With no right nad no wrong

No fearfull no strong

The conclusion off all

Is singing this song

FPH 4.97

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