Into The Dawn

By Frank Peter Hermsen

On the distant hills the trees are stripped bare

Rustling leaves everywhere

Sometimes cold and sometimes warm

Sometimes wind and sometimes storm

Whispering breezes are calling my name

Throwing faces into the rain

The smell of winter deep in my brain

Im alone - home again

And the autumn-wind blows through the land

Across my dreams of nostalgia

The day is dawning

The past is calling

I search for silence all around

While Im walking over muddy grounds

I still hear the voices of those who I lost

Crieing for freedom whatever it costs

And the autumn-wind....

...The past is calling

Oh, I am falling

Raindrops falling out of the sky

Memories teaching me how to cry

Pasts bells ring again

So I close my eyes and dive into the dawn

Running through the howling storm

Run away


But the autumn-wind blows through this land

And lights the hell of nostalgia

The past is calling

I am falling

Children voices sadly and loud

Calling for peace out of the thunderclouds

Ive got to run

And scream

But I close my eyes and dive....

Raindrops falling...

Children voices...

So I close my eyes...

FPH 92

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