I“ve heard them sing

By Frank Peter Hermsen


When I was young my father told

Me wonderfully tremendous tales

About a world that noone knows

The mystic kingdom of the whales

Monuments in flesh and blood

Gliding through eternity

Dancing through an unknown sea

As conquerors of gravity


And he told me “bout

Their mysterious song

A song about pride

A song “bout being strong

Melodies full

Of atmosphere

Chords in blue

Far from fear

Chords in blue

Written just for you


Years ago upon Scottland“s cliffs

In a warm October fullmoon night

I was enjoying the Highland's glowing sky

Underneath eternal northern lights

When suddenly a soft strange sound

Made me forget everything

And I always will remember

This moment when I heard them sing


I“ve heard them sing

A mysterious song

About being hunted

And being killed too long

Chords in a blue

And cold atmosphere

Melancholic sounds

Of sorrow and fear

Chords in blue

Written just for you


Now the time has come to tell this tale

To our daughter and we“ve got to explain

Our reasons for doing nothing exept

Playing the hypocrite in our book of shame

Oh please, Wynona, dont ask me why

We“ve killed what we claim to adore

No please, Wynona, don“t ask why

The whales don“t sing anymore


So I tell her about

Their mysterious song

A song “bout all those things

That went wrong

Melancholy and

Chords in blue

“Bout a world we didn“t

Protect for you

Chords in blue


© FPH 93

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