The Light

By Frank Peter Hermsen


Years ago I´ve heard that tale

About a land beyond the pale

Where the happiness has no price

You maybe call it paradise

But if you want to reach that place

You´ve got to stand the dark embrace

Of the tunnel in that you´re sent

But the more you run the more it´s getting cramped


On your painfull way to what you long for

You´ll loose your hopes more and more

On the right are graves on the left are vaults

And behind you the tunnel explodes

Sometimes you meet some naked friends

On their way to the place where the darkness ends

Sometimes lights are shining but then

Whatever you do it´s getting dark again


So I walk through my tunnel and I can´t forget

The walls around making me sweat

My soul is stucked with my painfull fight

Between my hate and my hope for the light


The light

The light

The light

That shines so bright


© FPH 1990

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