The Lovely One

By Frank Peter Hermsen


In the shade of the whispering trees

Like a flood you came over me

Dreams always were a fact for me

With you they finally became reality


Cause you´re the lovely one


We didn´t try to think too much

I was stoned just by your touch

We´re not swimming against the stream

Cause we´re flying high above


Cause you´re the lovely one


I hold your hand in the wilderness

Swimming through your tenderness

You have more what I have less

You´re filling up my emptyness


And you´re the lovely one


It´s much more than joy and fun

I´m the shadow and you´re the sun

No more prayers for the kingdome come

Finally I don´t feel shame for what I´ve done


Cause you´re the lovely one


I´m not addicted to my memories

Don´t know if we´ll ever live in peace

When we travel through our dreams

I believe what I can´t see


Cause you´re the lovely one


© FPH 97

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