Mountains Burning

By Frank Peter Hermsen


Mountains burning

Murder and decay

Do not care

Things explode every day

A world´s collapsing

In civilian wars

And how should children know

What to survive for


But the moon

Appears again tonight

For a few quiet minutes

Maybe stops the fight


Is just another day

Life goes on

You´ve got to die anyway


So sleep well tonight

Come and see your dreamworld paradise

The world is yours

Embrace the things that you´re longing for


Do not care

There is nothing you can do

But don't let them tell you

That they are fighting for you


Run and hide

There´s a sniper on the run

Waiting just for you

No matter what you´ve done


Schools are out this year

Someone will remember

The meaning of a tear



There will be better times

A log of wood

Or water to be found

You´ll always

Be surrounded by insanes

And the only thing I feel

Is my bunker made of shame


© FPH 93

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