No More Time

By Frank Peter Hermsen


Iīm sitting on the roof

Looking at the dieing land

With a tear deep in my eye

And blood on my opened hands

Thinking ībout the past

Bout my dreams that seem to die

Bout all the hopes that we still had

And our faith in a lie


No time to swallow down in tears

No time to think about the sense

No time to share my thougts with you

No time to talk to absent freinds


No time to cry

No time to die

No place to hide

No chance to fight

No more time

No more time

No more time

No more time


This is the point to say farewell

To all the problems that we had

To laugh to scream to smile

To empty off my desperate head

But there is something missing

To bring peace into my mind

And this is your embrace

Your warmth that I canīt find


No time to dive into false hopes

No time to run away

No time for survival-dreams

No more time to pray


No time to cry.....


Đ FPH 91

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