The Northern Fields

(Part One: Wake Up)

By Frank Peter Hermsen


The trees that we had planted

Off the beaten track

Have been felled years ago

But we´ll always get back


There´ll be traps on our way

But I do have eyes in my head

If we´re not allowed to walk

We´ve got to learn to creep instead


No more begging for alms

Being addicted to dreams

No more rousing from fear

In between nightmare screams


Wake up

It´s time to set out

To cry for revenge

To fight against our doubts


Can soothe our wrath

We´ve renounced our faith

On this vengeance path


Some last farewells

To our absent friends

Who died on their knees

In this northern land


The time has come

For our judgement day

In a wellknown land

Where we couldn´t stay


© FPH 93

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