The Northern Fields

(Part two: The Northern Fields)

By Frank Peter Hermsen


Somewhere far beyond the seas

Between rotten thoughts and eternal screams

There's a place near the sunset miles

A moorland born in fearful dreams


Wise men told us about these fields

The land between the calm and the storm

The wasted land that our fathers damned

The land in which mysteries were born


We have been told to spend our lives there

In the seclusion of eternal snow

I guess they maybe didn´t know

Yet there´s always hope between ebb and flow


Years we've been waiting for the day

That our prayers will be heard

So that damnation has an end

That we´re prepared to return

To leave the fear

To leave the past

To demand

Satisfaction for our life at last


Back from the fields

Back from the past

Back from the place

The place you'd forgotten too fast

Back from the moor

Cold and wet

Back from the fields

The fields that we shall never forget


© FPH 93

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