By Frank Peter Hermsen


I love these sounds these voices

The rain in that we use to fall

In another dark and lonely room

With a hundred ecoes for one call


Well we took the horses through the storm

Didnīt know that we would ride

Across the whole human universe

And back again to our desperate pride


Whatever we missed in all those years

How many heros came tumbling down

Thereīs still a word in the doorway

And thereīs no way around




Your guitar is gently weeping

With my voice near by your side

Alone where millions should be

In peace where we should fight


Itīs the blindness conquering our light

Itīs the rattle killing our tragedy

We gave our blood for memories

Gave our soul for harmony


Once there will be a day

The day we dare to dare to ask

Whatīs about the gifts weīve got

Is just you and me and the rain at last

Once there is a shore

Once a whiter shade of pale

Once thereīll be just waves

Once another tale


Đ FPH 97

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