On Cold Seeds

By Frank Peter Hermsen



On cold seeds through the night

With a spider on my wall

Gliding through the past

Drifting through my soul

Pressure can be strong

Captured in a cave

In the right another light

With the other in a grave


Marian where are you now

Where is the thunder of your breath

Gimme Shelter in the storm

Beware my mind from deeper death

But I forgive

I forgive everything and more

And I forget

The penitence I was made for


Can you hear the diggers calling

Can you hear them calling me

Can you see the mist is waiting



For me


Marriaged to the traveller

Chained to the messenger he just killed

Fucked by the glowing of the dawn

Lost in cloudy visions still

My face is rather swollen

My fame is circeled in it´s hall

My fears are grown and gathered

When I beginn to fall


Can you hear those voices

Can you see the faces come for me

Beyond the cloud they´re waiting



Waiting for me


© FPH 97

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