The Salesman

(What´s In A Name)

By Frank Peter Hermsen



Offered for sale

From beyond the pale

Of mysteries


Sucking your soul

Tearing your whole

Life into pieces


Mr. Salesman

I´ll pay anything

To turn years

Into youth

And for a taste

Of paradise

I´m prepared

To deny the truth


What´s in a name

You´ve got just yourself to blame

The more you run away

The more my poisoned thorn will stay


A voice in the middle of the night

"Now you´ve gotta pay the price

For temptation you couldn´t resist

I´m the muse and you are kissed"


"Step right up, have a look"

You will pay for what you took

Step right up and have a look

Some day you´ll pay for what you took


Let the sirenes sing

The thorn turns into a sting

And for the devil's sake

The sting turns into a stake


He is on the road again

Pay the salesman without name


© FPH 93

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