Say Goodbye

By Frank Peter Hermsen

The moon is full

My ashtree too

While I try to say goodbye

To my past my dreams

My hopes my life

Desperatly trieing not to cry

My diary just turns to ashes

My moneys burning still

Hear the last words

Of the ugly man

Whom Im prepared to kill

I say goodbye

Goodbye to you

My absent friends

But the time was wrong

Ill leave you now

Im going home

You know Im not that strong

I sawed the chair

Underneath my feet

My head still in the noose

Theres no more hope

No more tears

Nothing left to choose

I say goodbye

Please forgive me

Dont forget

The good times that we had

The times of dreams

The times of laughter

And the true words that I said

Now the time has come

I lost control

I spend my days in fear

So please forgive me

And read those words

That I left here

I say goodbye

FPH 1991

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