The Solid Truth

By Frank Peter Hermsen


A flag in the summer-wind

Stones in the air, blood on the ground

A smile in the TV-Show

Hunger and penury all around

Faces as clean as toys

Promises far from truth

Parades to show you

How to play by the good old rules


We hurt and kill this earth

We believe in virgin birth

We learn to hate

We follow our fate


We´re looking for the solid truth in that we can trust

While we´re choking in the dirt and dieing in the dust

More than illusions or a sharp dressed flag

That treads us like shit and kills us like rats


A voice in the night

A radio-voice is talking ´bout terror

You wake up

To spend the all-day-defense-horror

Keep your mouth shut

Trying to save your identity

You swim down the stream

Just to become a part of superficiality


We learn to give our lives

We don´t know how to survive

We cannot understand

The acting of our hands


We´re looking....


© FPH 90

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