Suicide In Paradise

By Frank Peter Hermsen


I am the alpha and the omega

Said who is who was and whoŽs to come

But I still worry Žbout what will happen

When our last bloody step has been done


Forget about looking to heaven

While persistant kicking the ground

All the answers weŽre longing for

WeŽll certainly get by looking around


There is no date for Abaddon

But sometimes the emptyness is everywhere

The time when our last tear dries

The time when we forget to care


In the valley of Euphrat

YouŽll never find the four held bound

But weŽll soon learn to fear them

When radiation poisons the ground


Maybe there will come a time

That a new race will arise

And they, I hope, will recognize

that we comitted suicide

In paradise


© FPH 90

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