by Robert P. Dougoll

I´ve climbed the seven mountains
I sailed the seven seas
I was tempted seven times while I crossed
In seven weeks the seven fields
After weeks of lonelyness
On the way through the mystic trees
I reached a strange and lonely glade
A place no stranger had ever seen

Seven houses I could see
In a circle round an open square
Set up centurys ago
But there was no one anywhere
I felt that there was life before
I stepped out of the trees´ embrace
And I could almost hear the voices
Of people living in this place

Seven hills and seven seas
Seven fields in seven weeks
Seven times I wondered why
My whole damned life was just a lie

I knocked invain I cried for help
Til I took heart and stepped inside
The first one of the houses there
Hoping for a place to hide
I walked through the rooms until
I entered the main living room
And I saw the scrawly written words
At the dirty wall I met my doom

"You´ve called me hore you called me witch
So I´ll curse you to live on and on
Until my kingdome is about to come
Or until there will be this painful one
Who will climb the seven mountains
Sail the seven seas
Will be tempted seven times
And cross in seven weeks the seven fields"

© RPD 2000

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