Back To France

By Frank Peter Hermsen




Levelling the spirits across the boarders in our brain

Travelling through scenes up and down again

Holding up the roots by cutting down the tree

Friendship is the harbour but freedom is the sea

But whenever you feel fucked up in the hood

The alien in the mirror lost and misunderstood

Remembering the beauty of historical romance

Driving far away

Driving back to France

The fact that for most questions answers you have found

Makes You fight the silence by living in the sound

And whenever youŽre messed up there is yet another chance

Of leaving all these voices

By going back to France

Welcome back to France


I was driving through your hometown, couldnŽt believe this is the place

In that you use to be another brick another face

With the same old problems the same eternety

The same strange marriage between love and superficiality

In eternety

Far away from Germany

Is a place where YouŽll be free

Welcome back to France


© FPH 1997

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