Into The Night

I am walking on freezing feet

All alone through the midnight streets

Across the boarder

Leaving the light

Into the night

I am blinded by those memories

I am crying on my knees

Passion in prison

Freedom in slices

Thougts are nightmares and I live in my dreams

Present is not just what it seems

I am bleeding

Leting things slide

Into the night


Run away from here

No tomorrow and no yesterday

No more sorrow and no more games to play

Just some whispers

From the distant lights

Here in the night

What has happened since the good old times

Just boaring poems without rhymes

This is truth

No need to lie

You know blood is not as thick as tears

That I was crying in all these years

All those faces

Leaving my sight

Into the night

Take my innocence, blow my mind away

Im already dying day by day

Here I found

My place to hide

Give me shelter, be my only sense

Join my torture and cry for absent friends

Be my mother

Hold me tight

You are the night

(c) FPH 5. 94

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