Just One Day

Written by F.P.Hermsen for Anja Konrad & Nico Schäfer



Well he met her in a restaurant in Keel

She was a little bit different

Brown eyes like jewels in disguise

Well I don´t know how this love could ever work out

Against the distance

Following the dream that they both shared

To tear down the walls

Well she´s lost in decorations

While he´s trapped in his dreams

To busy to see a way to be free

So take her hands and leave

For a holiday from life

Just one day

Just one day

Back to the roots of your love

Just one day

Just one day

We wish your love lasts forever

Like little lovebirds together

One day she stood with her bags there at his door

She was a little bit nervous

Would he still trust in the dream they shared

Six years went by since they met the first time

And they´re still together

Escaping from reality

And now they´re both a bit different

Well, she spends hours in her bathroom

While he sleeps with his phone

But once there will be the day

To pack their stuff and go

© FPH 98

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