No Man`s Land
by Robert P. Dougoll

Out there covered in mud and rain
Nightsky burning brighter as a day
Lost in the fields between frontlines
Remarkable silence in fatal times

A thousand voices yelling for me
And braver bodies hanging from the crippled trees
Of the bloodforest in that we gotta stay
Theyīre coming to kill us before we decay - anyway

Out there in No Manīs Land
Buried alive in the blood red sand
My gun is glowing and melting my hands
But thereīs no space for pain
Out there in No Manīs Land

Warīs put a spell on me to ratify insanity
A blood hostel warden baring my teeth
Thereīs just one fact that makes me fear
It seems to me that I belong here

I wrote on a bullet with the bajo my name
Hope that no one else will do the same
As a coward Iīm ashamed of that all
The world wonīt care if I should fall

Out there in No Manīs Land
The reasons are too small to understand
The fire is endless and swallowing up my friends
But thereīs no time for brotherhood
Out there in No Manīs Land

„Permission to die granted“ they shout
Soldiers addicted to kill their doubts
The agony of choice - shoot or being shot
Enjoying the grace of getting their brains blown out
Mercy - You grovel into the mist
Out there in No Manīs Land
With Medusa in your fist

Đ FPH 1998

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