The Town Without Name
by Frank Peter Hermsen

The dusk is swathing me in
While I return to the nightmare Land
Where bad mysteries were born
And buried deep in the holy sand

I feel the strange aura here
At the gates of the town without name
Built up thousands of years ago
Lost and never found again

This is the home of the lost
Home of the pain
Home of the darkness
The town without a name
Iīm getting closer
Together again
Yes I return to the town
Without name

A monument to the darkest man
A pandemonium of the night
In a gigantic dangerous cave
Underneath the desert light

As a shelter from the time
These od black walls were made
To protect its rotten heart
Of desperate fear and eternal hate

These ruins were always calling me
I broke my oath not to return
To the place that was once built up
Before Babelīs bricks were burned

So take my heart and lead me
Into the depth of your viciousness
Guzzle my soul and rape my heart
And damn me deep into lonelyness

(c) FPH 1990

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