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Setlist (as played on stage):


Mountains Burning

Ein Gott Zu Sein

Crucify Me

If Thoughts Could Kill

Every Generation Got It´s Own Disease

Dancehouse Flair

Don´t You Cry For Me

Northern Fields (Ultimate-Never-Ending-Version)

Das Lachen Deiner Augen



Say Goodbye

Beds Are Burning

Suicide In Paradise

On Falling Leaves

Blue Suede Shoes

Dead End For The Pain

Hellfire Tourist



Great Song Of Indifference




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Line Up

Robert P. Dougoll - Vocals

Stefan Bugall - Guitars

Pierre Buttini - Guitars

Ron Engel - Bass

Mr. "Threeshoes" Sebastian - Drums & Faces

Conni Zillhardt - Violin

Dirk "Vanni" Van De Sand - Sound

Christian Wehr - Lights

Gabi Gerhardt - Merchandising

Sonja Ahrens - Merchandising

Hubert Gabriel - Road Crew

Peer NoName - Road Crew

Simone Hermsen - Friendclub & Fotos

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