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NV.JPG (4412 Byte) Nightmare Voices

Say Goodbye, Amok, The Light, Princess, Suicide In Paradise, The Book, The Blue, Contrast

ITD.JPG (3893 Byte) Into The Dawn

Into The Dawn, She, If Thoughts Could Kill, Dancehouse Flair, The Child Awakes, I´m Going Home, No Way, Solid Truth, Inquisition Hymnes, No More Time, Idiot

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CIB.JPG (5432 Byte) Chords In Blue

People, Northern Fields Part I - Wake Up, Part II Northern Fields, Ikarus, I´ve Heard Them Sing, Mountains Burning, Salesman

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Deep.JPG (6840 Byte) Deependence EP

Crucify Me, D.O.War, On Falling Leaves, Venus, Final Ferno

EP-CD / DM 15,- / 7,50 Euro / Best-Nr.: 22AT9701

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once.JPG (4636 Byte) Once

Not A Lovesong, On Cold Seeds, Don´t You Cry For Me, Dead End For The Pain, Faces In The Rain, Hey H.B., The Dusk, Lovely One, Hellfire Tourist, Once

LP-CD / DM 30,- / 15,- Euro / Best-Nr.: 22AT9801

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Frozen Eyes

Collapsing, Nothing Changes, Frozen Eyes, Dance With The Dead, All I Want, Seven, No Man´s Land, Shelter From The Storm, When Tears Will Decay,
Town Without Name

LP-CD / DM 30,- / 15,- Euro / Best-Nr.: CD 92644 - 22

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live.jpg (2153 Byte) Unrealeased Vol. 1

Don´t You Cry For Me (live), Dead End For The Pain (live), Hey H.B.(live), Hellfire tourist (live), The War Is Over, Ebb & Flow, Into The Night, Zurück Ins Licht, Time To Die, On Falling Leaves (Remix) u.a.

LP-CD / DM 35,- / 17,50 Euro / Best-Nr.: 22AT9802

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Unrealeased Vol. 2

Town Without Name (Intro-Version), Shelter From The Storm, Ein Gott zu Sein, Back To France, Anxious Grey, Dafan, Diverse Live-Recordings uvm.

LP-CD / DM 38,- / 19,- Euro

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pearls.jpg (13209 Byte) PEARLS OF PASSION - Sampler

Zu Beziehen über Zoomshot Records
Sampler by Angelwings / ZOOMSHOT Media Entertainment
with Another Tale, Clan Of Xymox, Love Like Blood, Trisomie 21, Escape With Romeo, Chameleons and many more.

Preis: DM 30,- / 15,- Euro / Best.-Nr.: EFA 61615-2

t-alt.gif (8801 Byte) T-Shirt "IDIOT"

Größe XL, schwarz, 100% Baumwolle

t-neu.gif (8549 Byte) T-Shirt "Logo"

Größe XL, schwarz, 100% Baumwolle

Logo.jpg (1605 Byte) Baseball Cap "IDIOT"

schwarz, weiß bestickt, Schriftzug "IDIOT - ANOTHER TALE"
DM 20,- / 10,- Euro

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Dir RWE, Dir RWE - Fanversion, Heimat (live)
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RWE - Das Original

100 Jahre, Opa, Für Immer RWE (Another Tale),
Wir Sind Die Fans (Another Tale), Seit 1907, Tooooor

DM 19,95 / 10,- Euro
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Unter "Raritäten"
Bestellnummer: 22RW0101